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Housekeeping Suggestions

Peace Poster Contest

Each year, Lions Club International sponsors a themed Peach Poster contest for children in local schools or organized sponsored youth groups. Students, ages 11, 12, or 13 on November 15th, are eligible to participate. Information about the Peace Poster contest may be found on the Lions Club International web site at:


The chair of the Conway Noon Club Peace Poster Contest should consider the following steps in planning for the Peace Poster contest.

  • Order a Peace Poster kit for each school or club where a contest is sponsored and order a kit for the club’s use and information.
  • Notify each school or club about the contest and all pertinent deadlines.
  • There is a flier included in the Peace Poster kit to send to each school or club. Typically, the winning Peace Posters must be postmarked by November 15th in order to be considered at subsequent levels of judging.
  • Arrange for an appropriate person to judge the contest. Winners are selected from each school or club where a contest is sponsored. Although only the designation of each first place winner is required, the judge may be asked to identify 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorable mention winners. The judge may designate multiple honorable mention winners.
  • Arrange with the Faulkner County Library (or other appropriate facility) to have all entered posters displayed for public viewing. Ruth Voss is the contact person at the Faulkner County Public Library. The posters may be put on display either before or after judging has taken place. This may depend on the schedule of the judge and/or the events schedule of the public library.
  • Each 1st place poster must have a label affixed to it (labels are included in each Peace Poster kit) and must contain all required information and the signature of the president of the Conway Noon Lions Club.
  • Each 1st place poster must be placed into a mailing tube and mailed to the District Governor for the next level of judging. The mailing deadline is very strict and is established in the rules of the contest each year.
  • Notify each school or club of the contest winners. This may be done by telephone or e-mail. Certificates to be presented to each 1st place winner are included in the Peace Poster kit.
  • A press release should be provided to the Log Cabin Democrat identifying all winners.
  • The 1st place winners, their parents and teacher/sponsor should be invited to a club meeting. They are introduced and honored for their accomplishment. This event should be coordinated with the president of the club to be certain that is does not conflict with their program or other club events.
  • 1st place posters from the local contest are judged at the district level.
  • District winners are judged as the state level and state winners are judged at the international level. At the international level, an overall winner is designated as well as a number of finalists.

Conway Noon Lions Club "Educator of the Year"

  • Contact administrators with Conway Public Schools and St. Joseph Catholic School to select date for awards presentation.
  • Coordinate date with the April Program Chairperson
  • Contact meeting place to allow for additional food and seating for date of awards presentation.
  • Acquire list of recipients from each school system.
  • Pick up plaques from each school system.
  • Deliver plaques to Conway Trophy for lettering
  • Contact Saundra Ake at AETN for lettering the certificates (Calligraphy)
  • Have Lions Club President sign each certificate
  • Deliver certificates to Hobby Lobby for framing
  • Contact Log Cabin Democrat for publicity
  • Pick up plaques and certificates for presentation
  • On day of presentation introduce school administrators who will present recipients
  • Give invoices/bills for lettering and framing to Club Treasurer
  • Present request to President for expenses related to this event to be included in next year’s budget